Interview with Jared Falk of Drumeo

Last month I launched a new web series on YouTube. I am yet to give it an official name, because I am not completely sure what to call it. It is already looking like it will have several themes and feature a variety of people who I will interview and have candid discussions with during a live broadcast.

I was pleased to have Jared Falk of Drumeo as my first guest.

We Are Not Defined By Isolated Moments

Everyone has a bad day. Sometimes, you might even have a bad week, or a bad month, or even a bad year. And sometimes, when you are at your worst, you might even find yourself acting completely out of character. Maybe you are a little sleep deprived, or stressed, or just feeling a little bit punchy. Has that ever happened to you? Of course it has! It happens to all of us. It’s called being human, after all. Recently, I […]