Everyone Needs A Reboot

Michelle Sandlin and Max

Everyone needs a reboot from time-to-time. This is mine!

It was three years ago, when I wrote: “Quit Your Job! I Recommend It!” Quitting my job in Corporate America to focus full-time on my passion as a writer, was one of the happiest moments in my career. It was so happy in fact, that history has just repeated itself. After spending about a year back in the corporate world, I have again quit my job. This time, for good!

So, this is my reboot. It’s kind of like Michelle Sandlin 2.0. Call it whatever you want, but I am back, baby! And there is no looking back.

As part of my reboot, I am also going to do something completely different. Something that I’ve never really done before. I am going to market myself. I know what you are thinking…I already market myself every day all over the place. While that is true in the sense that I am always promoting my articles and other projects on a weekly basis, I have never truly marketed myself with the intention of attracting new clients. They have just come to me rather organically.

Although that has been excellent for me, some people have told me recently that they didn’t think that I wrote for other people or companies. Wait, what? That was eye-opening, which tells me that I need to do a better job of marketing myself and my services.

What is it that I do, you ask…Well, my 3 main areas are:

  • Writing/Editing (Articles, White Papers, Blogs, Web Content, Marketing Materials, Speeches, etc.)
  • Consulting (Marketing/Branding, Social Media, Web Sites, etc.)
  • Public Speaking (Variety of Topics)

But, I don’t intend for this article to be a shameless plug for that. (Just a tiny one!)

Finally, you probably noticed the photo of me and Max at the top of this article. You might also be wondering why I chose it. Well, the answer is simple. Max has inspired me to once again take this leap of faith, and give my writing career everything I’ve got. He has forced me to slow down, and stop and smell the roses (figuratively and literally). I can’t really explain it, so you will just have to trust me.

Needless to say, you will likely see a lot more of Max here, and everywhere I go. He is my therapy dog and my spirit animal all wrapped up in one.

So, that’s it! This is my reboot.

Please let me know what you think…or feel free to tell me about your dog. I am allergic to cats, so dogs only please!

Michelle Sandlin
Award-Winning Writer | Columnist | Pen For Hire

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