Punctuating Life

Michelle - 1 Year Old

Hello!  I am Michelle Sandlin.  Welcome to my blog!

Today also happens to be my birthday, so it seemed the perfect time to launch my blog.

Admittedly, I have been thinking about this blog and designing it in my head for over a year.  I wanted to get it just right, with all the proper bells and whistles in place before going live.  That still has not happened, but I think that’s OK.  It is going to be a work in progress anyway, and I expect it to get better as we go.  Let’s just consider this the jumping off point.

So, why have I titled it “Punctuating Life?”  I believe that life is punctuated by the different events that happen to us along the way.  There are highs and lows and twists and unexpected turns.  I want to write about the things that I like, the things I am interested in, the things that I am doing, the things that are important to me, and pepper in a few random thoughts as they pop into my head.  In general, you can expect to read about me, my family, my friends, my dogs, my music, my drumming, my  photography, my life, my dreams, my disappointments, my regrets, my goals.  (Yes, there is a narcissistic theme!)

In “Punctuating Life,” I hope to write more about those moments in my life that have called for exclamation points instead of periods.

Welcome to my blog!


  1. LOVE your baby picture, too cute! Great first blog and I look forward to reading more! Ooe you have a wonderful birthday and get some pampering!

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