Michelle Sandlin

On Being a Writer…

Michelle SandlinMichelle Sandlin

Being a writer is not a job.
It is not a choice.
It is a state of being.
It is at the core of my existence.
Nothing will stand in its way and nothing can prevent it.
It’s my creative mastermind.
It’s the course I travel blindly, but with an open heart.
It is the life I lead.
It’s the introspection and observation.
It’s where I find meaning.

NO FILTER with MICHELLE SANDLIN (Special Guest: Comedian Sarah Colonna)

My new show: “NO FILTER with MICHELLE SANDLIN” debuted yesterday, and I was thrilled to have comedian Sarah Colonna as my first guest! The premise of the show is no filter…no net…zero regret. So, it is an unscripted, unedited candid discussion. Sarah and I chatted about her new book:  “Has Anyone Seen My Pants?,” as well as her life as a comedian and a writer, being a fan of General Hospital, performing in comedy clubs, connecting with fans through social media, […]

Interview with Jared Falk of Drumeo

Last month I launched a new web series on YouTube. I am yet to give it an official name, because I am not completely sure what to call it. It is already looking like it will have several themes and feature a variety of people who I will interview and have candid discussions with during a live broadcast.

I was pleased to have Jared Falk of Drumeo as my first guest.