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Interview with Jared Falk of Drumeo

Last month I launched a new web series on YouTube. I am yet to give it an official name, because I am not completely sure what to call it.  It is already looking like it will have several themes and feature a variety of people who I will interview and have candid discussions with during a live broadcast. I was pleased to have Jared Falk of Drumeo as my first guest.  If you are not familiar with Drumeo, it provides online video drum instruction for all levels of players, from beginning through advanced.  I became a Drumeo Edge member several months ago, and it has taken my playing to great … [Read More...]

Featured Article

Featured Article

Writing Outside the Lines - web

Writing Outside the Lines

When it comes to putting pen to paper, I've spent my whole life writing in between the lines. This seems a bit ironic for someone who is known for coloring outside … [Read More...]

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Michelle Sandlin - Writer

Quit Your Job! I Recommend It!

May 19th seems like a distant memory. That's the day that I truly ventured out on my own as a writer. It was also the day that I freed myself of all of my worry, stress, anxiety, and guilt. It is also the day that my daily uniform became a t-shirt, jeans, … [Read More...]

What Alice Forgot - By Liane Moriarty

What if you couldn’t remember the last 10 years…

If you suddenly lost your memory and thought it was 2004 instead of 2014, would you recognize your life?  Would you be happy or appalled by the person you had become?  Would you be shocked by your choices?  Would you be lost in a sea of wonder as you tried to … [Read More...]

Michelle Sandlin - La Jolla Beach

Brain Dead After Vacation and Labor Day Weekend

It seems pretty simple. Take a short 6-day vacation to sunny San Diego, California, then come home to a 3-day weekend. It was supposed to be like having a 9-day vacation, which it was, except that today is the 10th day, and it is a day of Hell! Anyone else … [Read More...]

Michelle Sandlin Writer Drummer

Welcome to the New MichelleSandlin.com

Welcome to my new website!  It has been a full year in the making, so I am very proud and excited to finally be launching it!  Of course, this will be a work in progress and I will continue to add to my portfolio of articles and other written work in the … [Read More...]

My new DW Performance Series and cool new drum head!

Sorry, But I’ve Been Busy

I realize that I haven't posted in several weeks, and I am really sorry about that.  It doesn't mean that I have not been really busy though, or writing other stuff, as I have been doing just that.  This should give you an idea of what I have been up … [Read More...]


Dreaming Out Loud

I really wanted to write something awesome and post it on my birthday, which was on Tuesday. But as luck would have it, I was completely blocked the night before. I am rarely blocked, but when I am, I know better than to force it.  Although, I have to admit … [Read More...]


Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway – Part 2

This is Part 2 of my previous blog post: "Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway."  I had not intended on writing a Part 2 until I saw the popularity of my previous post (it was shared throughout Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), and I heard from several of my readers … [Read More...]