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Remembering Betty James – A Houston Real Estate Legend

This is an article that I originally penned in 2009.  Since the 30th anniversary of the time period in which this article references is fast approaching, I felt compelled to republish it.  So, here you go... On August 21, 2009, Betty James, a long-time member of the Houston real estate community passed away following her courageous 9-year battle with cancer.  Some people may question my use of the word “legend,” in describing Betty, but to me she truly was legendary.  Few people come into your life and make as great an impact as Betty made in mine. Let me take you back to July … [Read More...]

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Featured Article

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Writing Outside the Lines - web

Writing Outside the Lines

When it comes to putting pen to paper, I've spent my whole life writing in between the lines. This seems a bit ironic for someone who is known for coloring outside of the lines in so many aspects of my life. You would think that the two would go hand-in-hand, … [Read More...]

Self Esteem-web

A Healthy Dose of Self-Esteem

Everyone needs a healthy dose of self-esteem. Go ahead...inject yourself! No one else is going to give it to you. It has to come from within. I know several people who either suffer from low self-esteem, or who seem to take issue with those of us who … [Read More...]

Forget Goals - by Michelle Sandlin

Forget Goals…

If you don't believe in goals or have trouble setting them or achieving them, this article is for you. If you have always set goals and achieved them with any level of success, I think this article may also be for you. For the majority of my career, and … [Read More...]

Michelle Sandlin - Writer

Quit Your Job! I Recommend It!

May 19th seems like a distant memory. That's the day that I truly ventured out on my own as a writer. It was also the day that I freed myself of all of my worry, stress, anxiety, and guilt. It is also the day that my daily uniform became a t-shirt, jeans, … [Read More...]

What Alice Forgot - By Liane Moriarty

What if you couldn’t remember the last 10 years…

If you suddenly lost your memory and thought it was 2004 instead of 2014, would you recognize your life?  Would you be happy or appalled by the person you had become?  Would you be shocked by your choices?  Would you be lost in a sea of wonder as you tried to … [Read More...]

Michelle Sandlin - La Jolla Beach

Brain Dead After Vacation and Labor Day Weekend

It seems pretty simple. Take a short 6-day vacation to sunny San Diego, California, then come home to a 3-day weekend. It was supposed to be like having a 9-day vacation, which it was, except that today is the 10th day, and it is a day of Hell! Anyone else … [Read More...]

Michelle Sandlin Writer Drummer

Welcome to the New MichelleSandlin.com

Welcome to my new website!  It has been a full year in the making, so I am very proud and excited to finally be launching it!  Of course, this will be a work in progress and I will continue to add to my portfolio of articles and other written work in the … [Read More...]