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Relocation, population growth impact health care facilities

Relocation activity and general population growth have greatly contributed to the expansion plans of Houston area health care facilities and hospitals. As such, the Texas Medical Center now has a reach that extends into nearly every suburban community throughout the Houston area.

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Mobility-May 2014

Mobility Heroes

The relocation industry, or global mobility industry (call it whatever you like) has shaped my career in so many ways.  From my early days in the profession to … [Read More...]

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Michelle Sandlin Writer Drummer

Welcome to the New MichelleSandlin.com

Welcome to my new website!  It has been a full year in the making, so I am very proud and excited to finally be launching it!  Of course, this will be a work in progress and I will continue to add to my portfolio of articles and other written work in the … [Read More...]

My new DW Performance Series and cool new drum head!

Sorry, But I’ve Been Busy

I realize that I haven't posted in several weeks, and I am really sorry about that.  It doesn't mean that I have not been really busy though, or writing other stuff, as I have been doing just that.  This should give you an idea of what I have been up … [Read More...]


Dreaming Out Loud

I really wanted to write something awesome and post it on my birthday, which was on Tuesday. But as luck would have it, I was completely blocked the night before. I am rarely blocked, but when I am, I know better than to force it.  Although, I have to admit … [Read More...]