About The Book

Michelle Sandlin was living a healthy, clean life. For the past two years, she worked out six days a week for one to two hours per day. She didn’t drink. She didn’t smoke. She didn’t do drugs. She looked great. She felt great. And she was in the best shape of her life. But guess what? Cancer don’t care! That’s when she found a lump in her right breast. Days later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Unknowingly, Michelle had been preparing her body for the fight of her life. And fight she did. After sixteen rounds of chemo, a double mastectomy, reconstruction surgeries, and the preemptive removal of her ovaries and fallopian tubes, she is now CANCER-FREE!

In this memoir, Michelle shares her raw, emotional, and at times, humorous journey. This book is her way of processing her thoughts, feelings, and insights about what happened, what she went through, and what it’s like to be on the other side. It’s about overcoming adversity by channeling your inner strength, maintaining a positive attitude, requiring the same of those around you, and fighting your way through. It’s about self-motivation, acceptance, and inspiration on the road to healing and inner peace.


From The Publisher

As the publisher of this memoir, I had the opportunity to be one of the first readers of this book. From the first page, Michelle’s story drew me in, and I knew it was going to resonate with a variety of readers. She skillfully and candidly recounts her experience in a way that makes you feel like you are there with her in every moment. While this is a book about her breast cancer experience, it goes much deeper than that. Michelle does an excellent job of including life lessons and motivational messages that will have a universal appeal. I think readers will easily find themselves within the pages of this highly emotional, inspirational tale. It’s easy to fall in love with Michelle’s writing style, which beautifully combines poetry and prose into every detail.
— Holly Chervnsik, President/Creative Director, LLC

From The Husband

I Lived This Book
I lived this book. On reading it, I lived it again. It so completely captures everything that happened. I found myself right back in that place where cancer tried to bulldoze our life. That place where Michelle stood up, faced it down and said ‘No, I will not let you take me.’  That place where none of us around her were allowed to doubt for a minute that she would win this fight. That place where she did just that.

If you want to know what it’s like to go through the diagnosis, chemo, surgeries, the daily battle to keep believing that you will survive this, and to come out the other side intact and to somehow find a better, stronger version of yourself, then you need to read this book. It will inspire you.
— Ken Sandlin

From The Daughter

Watching my mom go through this was one of the most scary things I have been through, but she stayed so strong. She used that strength to document and write about her experience with this disease in a very personal and heartfelt way. Even though I was with her throughout this journey, I was still waiting to turn each page because of how captivating her account was. Her use of imagery puts you right there next to her on every page of the book, and some parts really keep you on the edge of your seat!

–Kendall Sandlin

From The Brother

Positive Attitude = Good Outcome
I laughed, I cried, and I was inspired. I feel as if this compelling odyssey has stacked the cards in my favor. Having read the book, I now feel more positive, more prepared, and more attuned to my own care as a BRCA1 person of high risk.
— Mike Bloom, Jr.

From The Readers

A Blueprint on how to navigate a traumatic breast cancer diagnosis.
“Cancer Don’t Care” is an inspiring and powerful book. Michelle beautifully crafts the story of her cancer journey, from discovery, to diagnosis, to treatment and beyond with brutal honesty, humility, but also humour. The author is also very candid and does not shy away from discussing any aspect of her treatment. Throughout her ordeal you are with her, breathless by all the lows and cheering with all the triumphs. Michelle’s perspective is truly insightful, providing valuable information for anyone who is blindsided by this traumatic diagnosis. Her positive attitude is admirable and her ferocious will to beat this cruel disease is quite remarkable. I would recommend this book whole heartedly, but especially to anyone who needs to be inspired before they embark on their own cancer journey. Cancer Don’t Care but the author does!!!
— Jackie Jenvey

Once I started reading, I didn’t want to put the book down!
“Cancer Don’t Care” is a beautifully written account of how a cancer diagnoses changes your life in an instance. Michelle is a wonderful storyteller with a sense of humor and a style that is all her own. She tackles the very tough subject of being diagnosed with cancer then describes how she navigated through the entire process. At times I felt as if I were right beside her during this painful journey. I cried and laughed, but more than anything was encouraged by her positive fighting spirit. My favorite quote from the book is, “Thinking positive means you sometimes have to wear sunglasses in the rain!” That statement is true for SO many of life’s situations. This is a book for anyone needing encouragement!
— Melanie Centanni

It’s always the fear of the unknown
As a dentist of 30 years I have had the unfortunate experience of seeing many of my patients diagnosed with some form of cancer. I felt that in most cases the fear of the disease and the treatment weighed heavily on their minds. It was a pleasure to see Michelle open up about the reality of treatment and internal feelings. Not only how it affected her but her family and friends. I purchased a number of copies of the book to give to my friends and patients to actually calm them in the midst of their storm. I doubt that there is anyone who hasn’t or will be touched in some way by cancer. I truly thank Michelle for bearing her soul and spreading hope for what is over the next horizon.
— Stueart Hudsmith

A must read for everyone!
I followed Michelle’s social media during her mom’s death to her quest to be healthy to her cancer diagnosis and everything in between. Michelle’s narration was so vivid that the emotions jumped off the page to the point I felt inside her pain. However, I’ve not been a cancer patient and there by the grace of God go I. Most people have dealt with cancer as a patient, a caregiver, or a bystander, which means this memoir is for all people. Michelle shares the good, the bad, the ugly. And then she shares her triumph over a disease that don’t care. Her ultimate triumph is the part where my tears flowed. Thank you, Michelle, for sharing this journey of all the raw emotions and ultimate defeat of an insidious disease. May this book bring hope to all who read it.
— Susette Leopard McSwain

A Beautiful Must-Read Describing an Unexpected Journey
Gifted author, Michelle Bloom Sandlin, penned a beautiful, heartfelt memoir describing her amazing journey through all the ups and downs of “the big C.” Whether you have been on this bumpy road, or you have been by the side of a loved one who has battled cancer, please pick up a copy of this book full of honesty, humor, and hopefulness. I laughed! I cried! I could not put this book down!
— Jodi M. Dehondt

There’s a season for everything…inspiring!
I have always known Michelle was going to publish a book, and knew it would be really special. She’s a brilliant writer and now her time has come. As she stated in the opening introduction – it’s not the book she thought she would write – but here she is and I’m so glad God chose her to share this story. It’s a story about “hope” for anyone dealing with life’s biggest challenge. It’s a story of bringing light to the darkness of cancer. In the book, Michelle shares, “when your life turns upside down, you have to create a new sense of gravity”. Well, she has not only created a new sense of gravity, she now gets to share it with the world. What a gift! Well done, Michelle. Your journey as an author has just begun. Inspired!
— Bruce W. Waller

Great resource!
First of all, Michelle is married to my brother, so I already knew she was special. But this book has really been amazing. Not only is she an amazing writer, but she has written a book that is hard to put down. Every woman with breast cancer needs a supporter. It is hard to go through the journey without help from someone who has also walked there. Michelle has filled that role in this retelling of her own battle with cancer. This book is a vivid and very thorough description of what to expect with cancer. The fact that she tried to keep a positive attitude and active lifestyle was a bonus. Michelle was such an encouragement to me during my own battle with breast cancer, and I know her book will help other women who need to read her words.
— Carolyn Bennett

So Impactful and Transparent
I finished it in just a couple of sittings. Wow. Just wow. I remember following along with your journey on FB and LinkedIn, but reading your memoir was powerful, so transparent, vulnerable, encouraging and even funny at times. Thank you for sharing your heart.

I’m not dealing with cancer, nor do I have anyone in my immediate circle who is, however, I picked up so many “life nuggets” in your book. I highly recommend this to anyone who may be struggling to keep a positive outlook in the midst of any life challenges.
— Tamara L. O’Dell

One patient’s inspiring journey through a difficult cancer diagnosis
As a radiation oncologist specializing in women’s cancers, I related strongly to the author’s fears about her malignancy. It was great to see her growth throughout the journey. Each patient handles cancer differently, but all of our patients inspire us as physicians. A valuable read for doctors and patients.
— Lane R. Rosen MD

Beautifully written, inspiring and honest
This is a beautifully-written, chronological account of one woman’s breast cancer journey. It is honest and inspiring. I love that it doesn’t end with her last treatment. She explores the impact it has on her life even years after. This is very applicable to other types of trauma as well. I found the book quite interesting and relatable even though I haven’t personally had cancer.
— Margaret Lea

A difficult subject tackled with wisdom and wit.
In her memoir, Cancer Don’t Care, Michelle Sandlin shares her personal battle with a cancer diagnosis. With unflinching honesty and surprising humor, Michelle describes each fear, doubt, and triumph in navigating the path to save her life. This book would benefit anyone with an overwhelming diagnosis or someone who loves them.

— Cheryl Howe, Author

An indispensable insider’s guide for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer
“Cancer Don’t Care” is one woman’s intimate , courageous, gut wrenching and heartwarming account of her own personal breast cancer journey. An insider’s guide to everything you need to know if you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, this book offers life lessons that are relevant for all of us. From the first page to the last, I was in awe, engaged, and inspired. I recommend this story of loss, love, letting go and rebirth to anyone who is dealing with a life changing medical and/or emotional journey.
— Ann Gladstone

I read this book in one day!
Michelle’s story affected me deeply and moved me to compassion. From her needing the perfect cancer binder, to using her beloved late mother’s Sharpies to take notes, to desiring the just-right wig…I found myself relating to her on many levels. Perhaps it’s because she’s an original Louisiana girl like me, or maybe it’s because we’re both writers. Regardless, I love Michelle’s message to keep moving, stay the course, and know that there is life after cancer.

— Cathey Nickell, Children’s Book Author and School Speaker

If you need to be inspired, I suggest this book regarding the struggles of cancer and how to win against it. She is tiny, but an absolute beast with a pen.
Dr. W. Stewart Bundrick, Jr., MD

Beautifully captures the raw emotions from diagnosis to the other side
Michelle takes you into her story from page one. Her rhythmic writing cadence captures the emotional ups & downs along with the calming moments of grace and acceptance perfectly – you FEEL her experience.
Cancer WILL affect someone you love – this book will help you gain insight and knowledge to navigate the experience & remind you that you are never alone. Good stuff!
— Alahna Krueger

Generous, Personal and Powerful
Thank you, Michelle Sandlin for allowing us to share your journey with breast cancer. As someone recently diagnosed, it was exactly what I needed to read and I am inspired by your guts and your honesty. I particularly loved that this was such a personal memoir, instead of a more “medical” publication. I encourage anyone about to embark on the same path or who knows someone who is or has, to take the ride and read this book. The gain in emotional intelligence will be invaluable and I know that I am in a stronger position because of it.
— Julie B.

A Must Read!
For anyone who has been through their own nightmare of a cancer diagnosis or has a friend or loved one who has gone through this horrific experience, this book is a must read! Michelle has captured her memoir so eloquently through her riveting and emotional content in “Cancer Don’t Care.” It’s a page turner filled with highs, lows, and even humorous accounts of her day-to-day journey from diagnosis to the finish line. She made it easy for me to “hear and understand” just how she felt physically, spiritually, and emotionally throughout her ordeal. Her “you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have” (Bob Marley quote) mentality, is captivating. Whatever painful or unpleasant experience you may be dealing with, this book will leave you filled with hope, gratitude, and appreciation. Thank you, Michelle!

— Judy Gray

Read this book
I have known Michelle for many years. We went to school together and became friends early on. I have kept up with her through Facebook and Class reunions since we graduated. I did not know she had breast cancer until she was cancer free. Reading this book took me 25 days to complete it. I had to keep putting it down for a few days at a time. I cried more in this book than I have any other book I have ever read. The emotional pull of this book will help anyone that has to go through cancer in their lifetime. Even if it is not them that is going through it. You will cry, cheer her on, laugh and then cry again. I loved this book!!!
— Diana Lott

Gifted Storyteller!
I have known Michelle for decades and followed her story on Facebook, but reading the memoir was engaging at a much deeper level. It was a story of perseverance written by a gifted writer. I cried. I cheered. What a story. Bravo Michelle! Captivating.
— Leah Sherman Middlebrook

This memoir should be in every doctor’s office
Though not my typical read, it did contain a familiar journey. Rather than commenting on her positivity, strength and vulnerability navigating through the enormous physical and psychological challenge of dealing with the “c” word, I focused on Michelle’s ability to articulate an artistic picture of every feeling and emotion. She’s a professional writer, therefore the book is not only a personal memoir, it’s a beautifully written love story as well.
— Ed Kampf

Could Not Put This Down
I was totally into this book from first sentence! I knew Michelle wrote beautiful poems, but this book beat it all! I cried a lot reading what she went through knowing it must have been hell! Thank you Michelle, you are one strong Lady!
— Sylvia Prussack

Cancer Don’t Care, but love experiencing Michelle fight it!!
Love this book. I have not experienced cancer on a personal level, but have many friends and family that have. Michelle’s book has given me much insight on how to be there and what to do from the sidelines. Reading this book is like sitting right next to Michelle as she fights this fight.
— Leslie Sjurseth

Awesome read!
This book has been beautifully written, and makes you feel like you’re there with her through her diagnosis and journey through her treatment, etc. I would highly recommend for anyone that has been touched by cancer. More importantly, someone that has been recently diagnosed, could learn a lot from her journey.
— Janice Ratliff

Storytelling Selfie
It was a book I felt compelled to finish as it drew me along Michelle’s journey from diagnosis through her new “normal” post cancer. She shares highs and lows, the touching moments and frustrations, giving insight and understanding. Whether you have faced cancer personally or through a friend or loved one, this is a not to miss read. Michelle’s gift of storytelling is meant to be shared.
— Joan Brady

Amazing Book
Michelle’s book had me crying and smiling throughout the entire book. She is absolutely one of the most talented writers I’ve read in a long time! It’s a MUST read and a wonderful gift idea to anyone that has been affected by cancer…
— Roxane Pyle

I have only read 90 pages so far and am very impressed with your writing. It is hard to put the book down. Your momma is up in heaven cheering for you!!
— Dorothy Lobel

Compelling and reflective story
Beautifully written. The writer Michelle Sandlin “takes you there” into her experiences from the moment of diagnosis to survivor in these hope-filled pages.

— Heisha Freeman

Fantastic read, raw, true and a sign of strength and resilience
Michelle has written this book with truth and compassion for herself as well as her readers. I learned so much for her story that has helped me through mine. A must read for anyone period.
— Amazon Customer