Michelle Sandlin

Award-Winning Writer, Author, Poet, and Cancer Survivor.
Oh, and I also play drums!

Hi, I’m Michelle. Welcome to my world.

I write and I play drums. What else do you need to know? Well, hopefully a lot. I am probably best known for my weekly “On the Move” column, which was published in the Houston Chronicle from 2013 through 2020. My work has also been featured in various business publications, magazines, corporate articles, white papers, and blogs. While my professional writing has centered around topics related to the real estate and relocation industries, my personal life moves to a much different beat. I have written much about that on this website.

But, everything changed in June of 2021, when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Much of my writing and creativity was put on hold so that I could focus on my fight. And fight I did! After 16 rounds of Chemo, a double mastectomy, reconstruction surgeries, and the preemptive removal of my ovaries and fallopian tubes, I am now CANCER-FREE!

While going through treatment, I openly shared my journey, through raw video messages, photos, and of course writing. So now, I am in the process of telling my tale through my upcoming memoir: CANCER DON’T CARE.

It will be launching later in 2023, so please subscribe to my newsletter for updates.

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About Michelle

Michelle Sandlin is an award-winning writer, author, poet, and cancer survivor.  She has received much recognition for her weekly “On the Move” column, which was published in the Houston Chronicle from 2013 through 2020.  During that time, her career centered around the real estate and relocation industries.

But everything changed in June 2021, when Michelle was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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My Poetry

Being a writer is not a job.
It is not a choice.
It is a state of being.
It is at the core of my existence.
Nothing will stand in its way and nothing can prevent it.
It’s my creative mastermind.
It’s the course I travel blindly, but with an open heart.
It is the life I lead.
It’s the introspection and observation.
It’s where I find meaning.

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Coming soon…

Cancer Don’t Care:
My Inspirational Journey through the Storm

by Michelle Sandlin

I’ve been busy y’all. Trying to process what happened, and doing it the only way I know how…by writing about it. Just a couple more months or so and I will be sending my manuscript to my publisher! So, coming in 2023…

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