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Real estate and relocation communities active in Harvey efforts

Houston strongBlake Oler

Original article published in the Houston Chronicle: “On the Move” The words “Houston Strong” have been widely displayed across various social media pages following the massive flooding brought on by Hurricane Harvey. But, they are more than just words.  They represent the unwavering spirit of the people of Houston, who worked together during an unprecedented, harrowing time for the city. Houstonians showed each other, and the world, what it means to be a resilient city that takes care of its […]

Client experience is king when assisting relocation clients

client experience is king

Original article published in the Houston Chronicle: “On the Move” In an age where information is readily available to consumers, Realtors have to up their game when it comes to the quality of the services that they provide to their clients. Today, there is far more emphasis on the overall client experience.  It is how the consumer ultimately grades their entire interaction with a Realtor from start to finish. This is especially true for people who are relocating, as they […]

Houston’s post-Harvey relocation landscape

Houston's post-Harvey relocation landscapeJason Ford

Original article published in the Houston Chronicle: “On the Move” It has been over seven months, but people are still talking about the impact of Hurricane Harvey, and rightly so.  It certainly left its mark on Houston, both in its damaging effects, and in the way that it showcased the strength of our city and the bond shared by the people who live here. While relocation activity into the Houston area experienced a dip in activity in the months that […]

Sjurseth overcomes challenges in move back to Houston

Moving back to HoustonLeslie Sjurseth

Original article published in the Houston Chronicle: “On the Move” Many people spend their entire career relocating from one city to the next.  This is especially true for those connected to the oil and gas industry. Since Houston is known as the Energy Capital of the World, a large number of people within that industry find themselves moving here not once, but possibly multiple times. This has been the case for Leslie Sjurseth, a Realtor with Boulevard Realty.  Since 1982, […]

What newcomers need to know about Houston area property taxes

Houston Property TaxesJeremy Fain

Original article published in the Houston Chronicle: “On the Move” Although most people are probably thinking about their income taxes this weekend, it’s also a good time to be thinking about property taxes, as the deadline for filing a protest is May 15. This is an important topic for people who are moving to Houston, because they often experience a bit of sticker shock when they learn about our property tax rates, which can be substantially higher than in other […]

Houston newcomer shares experience, advice

Houston newcomer shares experience, adviceJessica Donahue

Original article published in the Houston Chronicle: “On the Move” Moving to a new city and settling in can be daunting and stressful in the best of times.  So, image moving to Houston and experiencing a major weather event like Hurricane Harvey just three weeks after arriving. That’s exactly what happened to Jessica Donahue, who relocated to Houston with her husband last year from Redding, California. But surprisingly, the flooding and devastation that they witnessed didn’t discourage them or cast […]

Many Houston newcomers drawn to inner-city living

Original article published in the Houston Chronicle: On the Move. In recent years, there has been a significant emphasis on urban renewal here in Houston.  Likewise, inner-city living continues to attract Houstonians and newcomers alike. From popular areas such as The Heights and Montrose, to up and coming areas like EaDo (East Downtown), newcomers have many choices when it comes to urban living in Houston. With a growing focus on walkability, many people prefer to live in an area where […]