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By Michelle Sandlin in the Houston Chronicle

Michelle Sandlin – On the Move, Houston Chronicle

Latest “On the Move” articles By Michelle Sandlin in the Houston Chronicle:

Many Houston newcomers drawn to inner-city living

March 2, 2018
By Michelle Sandlin in the Houston Chronicle

Houston Inner-City Living

Clayton Katz

Houston Inner-city living

Lauren Dito Walker

In recent years, there has been a significant emphasis on urban renewal here in Houston.  Likewise, inner-city living continues to attract Houstonians and newcomers alike.

From popular areas such as The Heights and Montrose, to up and coming areas like EaDo (East Downtown), newcomers have many choices when it comes to urban living in Houston.

With a growing focus on walkability, many people prefer to live in an area where they will have easy access to various amenities, such as retail shops and restaurants all within close proximity to where they live. Read More.

Relocation Spotlight: Greenwood King Properties

February 22, 2018
By Michelle Sandlin in the Houston Chronicle

Greenwood King Properties

Renee Eads

Agents who specialize in relocation often do much more for their clients than provide real estate services.  Just ask Renée Eads, vice president of relocation for Greenwood King Properties.

During a recent interview, she said that because of the unique nature of relocation, that agents are selling much more than houses; they are selling Houston.

Eads added that agents who regularly assist relocation clients, understand the importance of being advocates for those clients, while also being true ambassadors for Houston. Read More

Overcoming challenges when moving back to Houston

January 19, 2018
By Michelle Sandlin in the Houston Chronicle

By Michelle Sandlin in the Houston Chronicle

Leslie Sjurseth

Many people spend their entire career relocating from one city to the next.  This is especially true for those connected to the oil and gas industry.

Since Houston is known as the Energy Capital of the World, a large number of people within that industry find themselves moving here not once, but possibly multiple times.

This has been the case for Leslie Sjurseth, a Realtor with Boulevard Realty.  Since 1982, she has accompanied her husband on five international assignments through his employment in the oil industry.  At the end of each one, the Sjurseths have moved back to Houston, which they consider to be their home.

Their most recent move back to Houston was a year ago, after living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Sjurseth said that even for people whose careers take them all over the world, that sometimes the most challenging move can be the one back home. Read More