It All Started With a Typewriter

The more I think about it, the more I realize that I have always been a writer.  Truly, I think it all started with a typewriter, literally.  When I was about 12-years-old my mom gave me her old manual Royal portable typewriter.  You wouldn’t believe what they called portable back then. This thing weighed a ton and came in this heavy duty metal suitcase like thing. And you had to really use some muscle to push the keys down. There […]

Mom Knows Best

My mother said that my last blog post was too long. Maybe she was right, but I thought my recounting of my ill-fated vacation to California was an interesting one, and I wanted to do it justice. The cool thing though about my mom saying that my last blog post was too long, is the fact that she is reading my blog with regularity! I love that! So, this post will be a bit shorter in her honor. The point […]

Inspiration Through Social Media

Welcome to my first Blog post of 2013! I have a lot of things that I want to talk about, so it was difficult for me to pick just one to start off the year. Then it occurred to me that 2013 is really just a continuation of many of the things that were put into place in 2012. There were lots of new starts and changes that provided me with renewed momentum, direction and inspiration for doing the things […]

Rock Star Moments

One thing that I have learned, is that you don’t have to be a rock star to have rock star moments.  That’s what punctuating life is all about. Professionally I have received many accolades, but those are usually fleeting and less important to me than my personal rock star moments.  In business, you are often only as awesome as the last awesome thing that you did. That is also true in your personal life. Having said that, what do you […]

2012: A Year of Change

To say that 2012 was a year of change seems like an understatement, at least to me.  This year has been more punctuated with change than any other year in recent memory.  But alas, change is good…right?  I like to think that it is. So let me recap it for you.  Don’t worry, I am not going to hit on every single change from this year, but I will talk about the big ones. The start of the year was […]

I Should Be Asleep…

It looks like I am up to one of my old tricks. It’s 1:28 in the morning, and while others are fast asleep, I am wide awake and on my computer.  Actually, I am on all 3 of my computers and my iPhone.  You are probably thinking that is pretty excessive, but there is a reason.  I am creating a video on my Mac, blogging on my PC and looking at files on my work computer, and my iPhone is […]

Marching to the Beat of My Own Drummer

I was asked last night to give a brief synopsis about my passion for drumming for a potential opportunity to be featured along with my drums in an upcoming magazine article.  This is one of those moments when my professional life touches my personal life.  Actually, the two overlap all of the time, mostly of my own doing.  In person or on-line, what people see everyday is me, the real me! So, how did this whole drumming thing come about? […]