Digital vs Analog: Which is better?

analogHey kids! Do you know what this is? It’s called a Rolodex! It’s what we used for decades before the digital age to keep track of our contacts. They were invaluable! Sometimes I would even flip through my Rolodex just to spark some inspiration. It was a tactile, active experience.

No mater how convenient and easy digital is, we can’t have a relationship with digital information the way that we can with a physical repository of information.

That’s why I continue to move away from digital systems in favor of analog. I have reinvested in paper, pens, journals, notebooks, dictionaries, and yes, I do see the purchase of a new Rolodex in my future. I love being able to flip through pages and find little gems that I totally forgot about. Searching for something digitally will not likely produce anything other than the desired result. But what about unexpected results? I love to land on a page that is totally different from the one I set out to find. There’s just something magical about that organic process.

What about you? Are you more digital or analog? And do you now, or have you ever owned a Rolodex?


  1. When vinyl was king, I put all 1000+ of my albums on a rolodex. Still have them but wonder what to do with all of it?
    When LaserDiscs and DVD’s about, I bought a UPC reader and plugged into the on-line datebase of titles. Now, I print it all out and look the Digital versions up on analog paper….
    Amazing how it all goes around!

    1. Thanks Ron! You never know what is around the corner. I went all in for digital, and have enjoyed pulling back the reins a little bit.

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