Inspired By Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen


Have you ever been to a Bruce Springsteen concert?  It’s like nothing you have ever experienced before, and is often compared with good reason to a religious experience.  I have seen him only twice, but both times I was completely inspired.

The first time was after a little record he recorded called “Born in the USA.” Maybe you have heard of it.  I had only just become a Springsteen fan a few years before.  This was during the real hay day years of MTV, when you could tune in to watch actual music videos. Like all girls around the age of 20, I hoped to be able to dance with Bruce just like Courtney Cox did in the infamous “Dancing in the Dark” video.

At the time, I was in college at LSU, and me and my buddy Cheryl bought tickets to the show. They were $60 apiece, which was a bit steep for college students.  No big deal…I am pretty sure that Ramen was invented so that we could justify spending the money on Bruce tickets.

Needless to say, the concert didn’t disappoint.  Bruce played for about 4 hours, and every moment was incredible.  I felt like he was talking and singing exclusively for me, and he now had a fan for life.

About a decade or so later, my husband and I went to see Bruce together.  I didn’t think that it could be possible, but that concert was even better than the first, leaving me ever wanting more.

Fast forward to today, and the awesome photo of Bruce that I posted above (courtesy of somewhere on Facebook).  This single photograph called out to me and inspired me to write this blog post tonight.  I think it illustrates the passion that he has for his music, his fans, and the art of the performance.

Who inspires you?


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