Just A Little More

This is a little excerpt from my bestselling memoir: “Cancer Don’t Care.” It comes from a section called “Creative Spark,” which can be found in Chapter 17.

I felt like it had been forever since I had written anything good or important. Sometimes, a word would come to me, and I would quickly write it down to see if it might be the start of a poem, but the well would run dry. Poetry can’t be forced. It must come naturally from a sacred place when I am ready to receive it. So, all I could do was keep listening and waiting for the words. Waiting for that creative spark.

And then it happened.

When I least expected it, I heard that familiar voice. And I hurried to write down the words as they were delivered to me like a direct feed from above. The Devine gift of words as my pen moved across the page. I was starting to write again.

The first thing out of the gate was a poem. Not surprisingly, it was about my mom. It perfectly expresses the deep heartache I feel every day, and how I long to have her watch over me a little more.

Today my heart breaks
Just a little more
I can feel it in my chest
Deep inside my chest
There’s a hollow hole
That can’t be filled
And there’s a pain
That just won’t subside
And I cry
Just a little more
As I die just a little more
Missing you
Just a little more
Please, please, please
Watch over me
Just a little more

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