How Often Do You Blog?

I proudly told someone the other day about my blog.  She said, “Oh cool! How often do you blog?”  Then suddenly I didn’t feel quite so proud.  I said, “Um, well, I used to have a Houston Relocation blog and I wrote posts all the time for nearly 4 years and had a huge following.  But now, I blog about my life, my interests, my drumming, and all the random things that pop into my head, and sadly I don’t give that blog nearly the attention it deserves.”  She was less impressed than she was initially, and quite frankly, so was I.  It was then that I realized that I needed to recommit myself to my blog.

So here we are!

I am also feeling inspired by my BFF Cheryl Howe, who is an incredible author of historical romance novels and an avid blogger.  She writes several posts every week.  Now that is impressive!  If you are not reading Cheryl’s blog or downloading her books, I highly recommend that you do so.

I was talking to Cheryl just last week and she told me that every time I post something about her books, that the visits to her website spike.  Please don’t let me down…If you are reading my blog, please click over and check hers out too!  You can also find Cheryl and her books on

I know that I am biased when it comes to Cheryl, but I am so proud of her for always following her dream and never giving up.  That is true inspiration!

One of my goals, one of these days, has also always been to write a book.  I don’t have the gift of imagination that Cheryl does, so writing a story is out of the question.  My writing style, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, is more autobiographical and observational.  Of course, this is just my way of saying, that I like to write about me and what interests me and what’s around me and who inspires me and things that have to do with, well… ME!

So, now that I have recommitted myself to writing, I hope that you will stop  by often to see what’s new with me.  I have a lot to say, and I am just getting started…


  1. Great article, Michelle! Especialy since it’s about me. But I’m busted because I’m behind on my blog. I’ve been working on a post in bits and pieces about my hectic week. Better get it done. Last year I was super sporadic about blogging, but this year I’m sort of getting the hang of it. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Thanks so much for being my cheerleader.

    And today is Russ’s 49th birthday. He is stunned.

  2. Hey Michelle,
    I was going through Pinterest, found your guitar section and found your blog! Glad I did! How often do you blog? I see the 7th was when this was posted. If you keep Writing I will Keep Reading, send me updates on Twitter or Facebook, .
    “It takes hard work to follow your dreams, best be awake to accomplish them” Always happy to receive and promote inspiring quotes.

    ~Bon Evans

    1. Thanks Bon! I quite like your music too! I used to blog all of the time (professionally). Now I am back in the game with this, my personal blog. It was a long time in the making. Here’s a quote for you: “I think, therefore I write.” – Michelle Sandlin

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