Interview with Jared Falk of Drumeo

In the Studio with Michelle SandlinLast month I launched a new web series on YouTube. I am yet to give it an official name, because I am not completely sure what to call it.  It is already looking like it will have several themes and feature a variety of people who I will interview and have candid discussions with during a live broadcast.

I was pleased to have Jared Falk of Drumeo as my first guest.  If you are not familiar with Drumeo, it provides online video drum instruction for all levels of players, from beginning through advanced.  I became a Drumeo Edge member several months ago, and it has taken my playing to great new heights in a relatively short period of time.  I can’t recommend it enough!

Anyway, Jared is the founder of Drumeo.  So, why did I choose Jared as my first guest?  That was easy.  I had been watching his videos, and playing along with him (and the other instructors), and had been receiving emails from him as a member of the Drumeo community.  But, what really got my attention, was that I replied to one of his emails and he answered me back within a couple of minutes.  I wasn’t expecting that.  So, I fired off another email, and he replied to that one with the same speed.

From there, I did what I normally do when I feel truly engaged — I took to social media to let the world know how great I thought Drumeo and Jared were.  As expected, I received replies, retweets, follows, etc., in appreciation.  In under 10 minutes, my relationship with Drumeo was solidified.

In the weeks that followed, I reached out to Jared again.  This time, it was to ask him if he would be interested in being interviewed for an article that I wanted to write and post on my website.  Again, the response from Jared was fairly immediate, and he accepted my invitation.

As I started thinking about this, I thought that it would be way cooler if I could do a live video interview with Jared and put it up on YouTube.  He liked the idea as well, and suggested we do it as a live Google Hangout On Air. So, that is what we did.

Please check it out, and please subscribe to my YouTube channel while you are there.  Of course, giving the interview a “thumbs up” on YouTube is also greatly appreciated!

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